PT. Mora Telematika Indonesia

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Since its establishment in 2000 up to the present, the Company is a domestic telecommunications service network operator that runs its business in the field of broadband ecosystems, namely the internet, data centers, interconnection network leases, domestic and international. The following are general descriptions for each business segment / service ofered by the Company: BUSINESS ACTIVITIES: Connectivity International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC - SuperNAP) Domestic Leased Circuit (DLC - MetroM) Local Loop (Inner City) Dark Fiber METRO Internet Services IP Transit International (SuperNET & SuperNET MIX) IP Transit Domestic (Super IIX) Internet Exchange (Mora-IXP) IP-VPN NET-Hosting Broadband & Dedicated Internet ( HOME

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Implementation of targeted strategies throughout 2017 has ushered the Company one step ahead towards achieving its vision and mission. Through the commitment to expand the network and improve the service, the Company achieved a milestone success both in terms of operational and financial. This matter becomes the assets to open up new opportunities in the future, which will ensure the Company’s growth to become larger and more profitable. VISION To be a leading broadband company in Indonesia MISSION Providing excellent network quality and best value for innovative telecommunication infrastructure services. Being a reliable business partner that grows together with all stakeholders.


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