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Company Overview

A dream was started in March 1970, a dream to create a high quality Decorative Paint product. A dream which transformed into an ambition to create paint and coating products that can stand on the international stage. As a local brand, we have been continually striving to improve and push ourselves to the limit of creating products that caters to the needs of our customers and to keep up with the ever evolving technological advancement. Our commitment to quality is the one thing that defines our company. Consistently using the best manufacturing practices with the best material available, we deliver products that will satisfy and even exceed the expectations of our customers. We're proud to announce that our products has been used in many premium class housing projects, premium commercial blocks, and various hotels and apartments throughout the country. Our values makes us work with all our hearts to create a product that can touch all aspects of our customer's life, including but not limited to their family, their workplace, their house, and their immediate surroundings. We aim to be the market leader of paint and coating industry in Indonesia, and afterwards, the world.

Why join us?

Quality and togetherness are two of our most outstanding quality. Here we are pushed to make the best products and in extension the best service to our customers. But here we also have a sense of togetherness with our fellow workers. One part professionality and one part family blends into a unique environment not found in any other company. With 9 branches all over the country, we're always looking to expand and look for the best talents to join our company. Our product is well known for it's reliability, quality, and longetivity. Trusted by various real estates developers, we will continue to be market leader of the paint industry in Indonesia.


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